Rosa iberica STEV.

Rosa iberica STEV

Rosa L.
Rosa iberica STEV.
Ömür: Çok yıllık
Yapı: çalı
Hayat formu:
İlk çiçeklenme zamanı: 7
Son çiçeklenme zamanı: 7
Habitat: kıyılar, çalılar, subalpin koruluklar
Minimum yükseklik: 1200
Maksimum yükseklik: 2400
Endemik: -
Element: ?
Türkiye dağılımı: K. ve D. Anadolu
Genel dağılımı: Kafkasya, K. Irak, İran
Bulunduğu iller
Bulunduğu kareler : A4 A6 A7 A8 A9 B9

R. iberica Stev. in Bieb., Fl. Taur.-Cauc. 3:345 (1819). Syn: R. aucheri Crépin in Bull. Soc. Bot. Belg. 8:344 (1869); R. anatolica Crépin in Bull. Herb. Boiss. 1:159 (1893)! Ic: Fl. URSS 10: t. 30 f. 3 (1941).
Compact shrub, up to 2 m. Prickles rather coarse, slightly curved to hooked, compressed, with a broad dilated base, ± uniform, not interspersed with acicles. Leaves ± sticky and aromatic; leaflets 5 or 7, ovate to elliptic or obovate, 1.5-3.5 x 1-2.7 cm, acute to truncate, usually with a cuneate base. glabrous or somewhat pubescent, at least beneath, usually with numerous glands on both surfaces, glandular-biserrate, teeth rather large, 10-25 on each side; stipules large and broad with diverging acute auricles. Flowers solitary or up to 6 together. Pedicels short, up to 2 cm, slightly pubescent, smooth or with stipitate glands. Sepals narrowly ovate, up to 2 cm, often with a long, narrow, often dilated apex, outer sepals with long. lanceolate glandular-toothed lobes, often eglandular on the back, patent to reflexed, deciduous before the fruit matures. Petals up to 2.5 cm. white to pale pink. Styles villous to lanate, stigma-head ± compact and semiglobose; disc narrow, ± flat, orifice wide. Hypanthia globose to ovoid, 1-2 cm, usually smooth or sparsely glandular-hispid. Fl. 7. Banks, scrub, subalpine woods, 1200-2400 m.
Type: [Georgia] circa oppidum Krzchinval Iberiae occidentalis (LE, photo E!).
Mainly N. & E. Anatolia. A4 Bolu: 34 km S.E. of Gerede, 1600 m, Sorger 62-82-18! A6 Amasya: Sana Da., 1400-1600 m, Bornm. 1890:2364 (type of R. anatolica)! A7 Gümüşane: Tempede, Sint. 1894:7565! A8 Gümüşane: Bayburt Maden, T. Baytop 14356! Çoruh: above Artvin, 1200 m, D. 29755! A9 Kars: 8 km from Akçay to Cumaçay, E. of Kağizman, 1650 m, D. 46800! B9 Van: 26 km from Başkale to Hoşap, 2400 m, D. 45894!
Caucasia, N. Iraq, Iran. This variable and complex species resembles R. ellip-tica Tausch from W. & C. Europe. Also close to R. asperrima Godet (treated by Boulenger as merely a form of R. iberica) which the specimen cited above from A7 Gümüşane approaches in its almost straight prickles, very glandular-hispid pedicels, sepals and fruit, and only sparsely hairy styles.